Give your employees the financial flexibility they deserve.

Join FlexPay to give your employees instant and flexible access to their earned pay. Let your employees find financial security in your company.

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We do the hard work so you don't have to.

No need to liquidate or use your own assets

There's no need to generate funds – we provide all funds and back all transfers. With absolutely no setup or maintenance fees, we can offer the most transparent solution in the industry.

Seamless integrations into your systems

With seamless integrations into your existing solution, FlexPay is easy to use for your employees and sits on top of your payroll system to ensure  zero additional overhead.

Let your workforce meet their financial goals

Win your employees' loyalty by empowering them to reach their financial security and pay bills on time. With FlexPay, they get a powerful tool to escape vicious payday loans, and avoid overdraft and late fees.
“FlexPay has been life-changing for me. When money is tight and bills are due, I can just open the app and get paid whenever I need it."

– FlexPay User


The easy way to reduce turnover

FlexPay can help reduce turnover by up to 19%*. By offering FlexPay to your employees, you can retain your workforce and ensure more engagement and motivation.

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Get started with FlexPay and see a difference.

Join FlexPay to alleviate financial stress and increase job performances to eventually empower them to find security in your company.

Motivate your workforce

Give your employees instant access to their already earned wages and bonuses any day of the month. People are more motivated if they have direct and easy access to their earnings.

Close open positions more effectively

Differentiate yourself from competing employers by paying your employees on their very first day. Allow new hires instant access to their pay and ensure an easier transition.

Retain your employees

Financial flexibility is one of the best benefits to offer. Keep your employees happy and improve their financial situation by empowering them to get paid when they need it.

Reduce administrative overhead

Advance payments no longer have to be complicated and can be obtainable for your company and your employees through FlexPay.

Manage users and approve requests

In addition to the request app for employees, FlexPay offers a simple platform to make managing requests and users easier than ever. Set up automated approvals, upload users in bulk, or get more insights into time and attendance data.

Flexible pay from the global leader of payroll systems.

Work with the best

As the global leader in the payroll market, SAP is the expert in payroll solutions. We understand the needs and have solved the pain points of our customers.

Zero overhead solution

Through well-documented integrations and an easy setup, we ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Leverage our existing partnerships

Turn using FlexPay into a real benefit: We can provide our product for free to your employees at a reasonable price point.

Check on your success

Uncover insights to improve engagement in your company with Qualtrics Employee Experience.

Employee Pulse Survey

Every solution will promise you to reduce turnover and increase engagement, but an integration with a market leader in employee experience management gives you the insights you need to measure success.

Employee Central Payroll

FlexPay integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll, ensuring flawless processing of all the data, keeping personal and bank information secure and up-to-date.

We work well with others.

FlexPay's constantly expanding integrations create new opportunities for employers to offer flexible payments with no additional overhead.

If your Payroll system isn't on this list of current integrations, let's talk about the future now.

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Instant payments means a better, happier workforce.

are attracted to companies that care about their financial well-being
find financial stress to be a key source of distraction at work
agree that productivity at work has been impacted by financial worries
admit to missing work occasionally due to financial stress
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